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What kind of products do we made?

Guangzhou Carosung International Import and Export Co., Ltd. has 3 defferent department. For different department, we made different kind of products.

1. CAROSUNG mainly for custom belts and belt buckles

a) genuine leather belts, split leather belts, pu belts, canvas belts, fabric belts, elastic belts, woven belts,men belts, women belts, special usage belt

b) stainless steel buckles, solid brass buckles, zinc alloy buckles, iron buckles, pin buckles, automatic buckles, plate buckles, press buckles, ratchet buckles


2. MESOBEST mainly for custom bags

backpack, tote bag, handbag, messenger bag, diaper bag, mummy bag, crossbody bag, fanny pack, waist bag, duffel, travel bag, nylon bag, canvas bag, leather bags and other bags


3. PASSMEI mainly for custom wallets, card holders and other leather accessory

wallets, card holders, passport holders, travel organizer, coin bag, and other leather accessories


We accept OEM and ODM. Welcome cooperation from over all the world!



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